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By | August 20, 2020

English poetry is for those peoples who prefer to express their feelings in English language. The online viewers of quoteforlove can facilitate from the latest English poetry collection updated on daily or regular basis. English poetry has many variations like English poetry love, English poetry about love, English poetry for kids, English poetry sad, English poetry about nature, English poetry life, English poetry romantic, English poetry attitude and English poetry 20th century. Poetry is so important because it helps us to understands the world around us. With the help of English poetry learn new words, helps heal emotional pain, express our feelings, leads us to greater self-awareness. Poetry is a unique language that use words to convey ideas, feelings, sounds, signs and symbols.
Poetry research finds dramatic increase in readership. “Nearly 12% of adults read poetry in the last year”. Both writing and reading poetry through their expression of feelings and words have highly effects on the mind. Poetry is a art that can be written, spoken or performed. Poetry is more popular now than ever.Poetry can reveal many things to a reader. Poetry teaches us how to live. The reason to write a poetry is because it will make all of you writing better. English poetry on life enables you to express yourself and ideas.  There are many English poets who have written many potteries, poems and songs. On this page you will find multiple potteries of many different English poets. In short we as a quoteforlove best English poetry by different writers and poets.


“Life Is Stubborn”

One Day,
In The Middle Of
a Night,

You’ll Know,
That It’s Okay,

Life Can’t Be What
You Want. Life’s Stubborn.

It Always Does What
It Wants. And That’s Okay

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