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True Love Quotes For Her From The Heart

True Love Quotes For Her From The Heart, if you are planning to share your feelings with her and looking for deep love lines then you are here in right place because this article is very important for you to find out some of the most romantic quotes with true words. Love always true when you are loyal with someone and always increases with each second if it is pure. Well! Now just go in bellow and read love quotes for her which you can forward to your crush and for more heart touching quotes you can visit our previous articles or bookmark our site.

New Love Lines

1:- I never knew a sound better than my name on your lips.

2:- One day there will be no distance between you and me.

3:- I still remember the first day I saw you.

4:- No matter where you go, you will always be in my heart.

5:- Your presence gives peace to my soul.

6:- Life without you is like a broken pencil, pointless.

7:- Don’t forget the day that we met, it changed history at least for me.

8:- I will wait for you, I don’t want anyone else.

9:- Hold me tight like the nights hug the moon.

10:- My favorite place is inside your hug.

Deep Lines

11:- If you promise to stay, I promise to never leave you.

12:- Never doubt my love for you, it’s the only thing I am sure of.

13:- Baby I promise I’ll never make you feel alone.

14:- Nobody lights my eyes like you.

15:- I really get scared sometime when I think my life without you.

16:- The story of my life is all about you my love.

17:- Everything can be perfect if it’s you by my side.

18:- Your heart is my only home.

19:- A thousand lives and I want us in each one.

20:- It feels like magic when I look into your eyes.

Best Quotes For Her

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21:- Of all the things I’ve ever wanted to be, your was top of my list.

22:- All love that I expected from life, I’ve found only in you.

23:- I just want us to be together, no matter what the situation is.

24:- When you are with me, I have everything.

25:- My love for you increases every second.

26:- Trust me, I won’t let anyone come in between us.

27:- I want to grow old with you and love you deeper each day.

28:- Even if I don’t physically see you I feel your presence with me all the time.

29:- When I am with you, I wish I could stop time.

30:- You are the most important person in my life, now and always.

True Love Quotes For Her

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